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If you’ve dreamed of publishing your own book, but wondered if you really could…

My answer to you is not only “yes” but I’ll show you how to earn  500% more than most authors do if you follow my step-by-step method!

You’ve dreamed for some time of publishing your own book, but may have put it off for one of several reasons:

▪ You’ve wondered if you’ve the “talent” to become published

▪You’ve wondered how to get your manuscript out of a publisher’s “slush pile” and get it read.

▪You’re busy, and it’s hard to find the time

You wonder whether you could really earn income if you make the effort.

I would like to share with you that contrary to the fears above, most people have what it takes to write, publish and sell a successful book!

All you need are the right tools. In fact, lack of knowledge is the number one divider between those who publish (and earn) and those who don’t!

Read the information below to learn about these tools, and why having them can make the difference between a manuscript that ends up in an editor’s slush pile, and one that gets written, gets sold-and starts earning you money.

 Here’s one hint: going through agents is NOT the best route for most people to getting published. I’ll share with you a much better way that most people never consider-but has earned me over $3 million in income over the past several years.

Fact: only 4 out of 100 authors earns more than $50,000 a year. According to the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of labor and statistics, in 2000 there were roughly 126,000 authors in the U.S. The average salary? $42,000, for those who were full-time professionals. The annual income for those working part-time was far less. Only a small minority of authors earn more than $50,000 a year- because most don’t understand how to market their book once it’s published, or how to generate extra income beyond the book sales.

 Those who do often hesitate to share their secrets, but successful authors realize that book royalties alone often don’t pay the rent, and have learned to leverage other methods of income. In this book, you’ll learn how, step-by-step.

September 29, 2003

From the desk of: Fred Gleeck

Dear fellow writer,

As the successful author of 5 books (with 4 others getting ready for publication in the near future), one of the questions I am frequently asked by others is, “How can I do what you’ve done, and publish my own book? And start earning money from the sales?”

In my experience, and after speaking at literally thousands of conferences and seminars, meeting people from around the nation (and the globe), I’ve met many, many talented writers. They all have one thing in common: they dream about writing a book, and seeing it in print. And they also have another dream:

Earning a real income from their own book sales. Not just a few dollars, but real, significant income that will let them pursue a decent lifestyle. And along with this income, enjoying the name recognition that comes with being a published author.

Unrealistic? Is this a goal that only the “chosen few” blessed with exceptional talent can hope for?

I’m here to say emphatically, “NO!”  I believe that anyone with a strong desire, basic ability (which does not have to be exceptional, contrary to what you’ve been told all of your life), a good work ethic and commitment to achieving their goal can achieve this dream, if they have the right tools and methods to do it the right way.

Talent alone won’t get you published. You need more…

Having the right information and knowledge is often the dividing line between the “I want to be an author” and “I’ve published a book, and am earning real money from it” groups of people. Because you can be a talented, even exceptional writer, and not make money from your book if you don’t pursue publishing it and marketing it the right way.

I hear stories every day, about people who are better than average writers, who send in their manuscript and it sits at the bottom of the ‘slush pile’ of an overly busy editor…of agents who don’t promote or help sell…of authors whose books do get accepted, but then they earn a mere pittance because their royalties are ridiculously low, and their agent didn’t negotiate a good contract for them…of people who were excited just to get their book accepted, and weren’t thinking at the time about the MONEY involved, and were taken advantage of…

There’s a better way. A way that has helped me earn literally millions of dollars from publishing my own books, and leveraging them to increase my income to become hundreds of times greater than it could have been from the sale of the book alone.


So who is Fred Gleeck-and what does he know about publishing and marketing?

 Fred Gleeck is considered one of the nation’s top experts in information marketing today, and has a proven track record that few can match. He has authored 3 books on this subject alone, and has successfully marketed and sold information products for over 20 years.

He has personally sold over $3 million worth of his own information products, and has conducted over 1,350 one-day seminars since 1983. In addition, he has consulted with and coached over 17,000 people and assisted them with successfully marketing their own information products. Fred understands publishing and marketing from the inside out-and is regularly paid hundreds of dollars an hour in consulting fees to teach others how to successfully market their own information products.


I’ve decided to share with you my own methods-the exact same steps that I take whenever I start out to write and publish my own books. Trust me, I am like most of you as far as natural talent, but I do understand certain basics that most authors don’t: ones that are the difference between publishing a book that earns real money, or between sitting back, wishing you were one of the “chosen few.”

It doesn’t have to be that way, and I’ll show you why. Frankly, I’m tired of the disinformation that is out there about how to write a book. It’s easier than you think, if you use the methods I’ll show you. In fact, I’ve created what amounts to a virtual “blueprint” for:

-Coming up with great ideas (I have a variety of methods)

-Putting those ideas down (and finding the time to do it!)

-Publishing your book

-Marketing your book.

By using my “book blueprint” you can have your book written and published within just a few months.

Real Methods that Really Work

Notice I didn’t say, “in a week”  or “in 10 days” because frankly, the methods I share are real ones, not hyped up over-promises that make ridiculous claims.  Writing a book takes research and work; but I’ll show you some ideas on how to make this phase easier and much more organized. My methods really, truly work and can help almost anyone create a saleable, publishable book.

They will work, even if you’re busy, and only have an hour or two a day to work on your project. I’ll show you how. Trust me, I understand busy; I present at over 100 seminars a year, so I’ve shown you a streamlined method that even those with busy lives can use.

In “Publishing for Maximum Profit” you’ll learn step-by-step, from the ground up, each and every aspect of writing your own book, publishing it, and using it to help you start a real income stream.

I’ll teach you:

The 3 major roadblocks to writing a book-and how to overcome them and get started today!

Four foolproof templates that work for organizing and outlining a successful non-fiction book

How and where to research your book-and organize what you find

Tips for choosing a title that will be remembered-and asked for!

How to get expert interviews for your book-and get the endorsements that will make it sell

The best method of publishing your book -one that can earn you ten times more than others!

How to edit your book-and outstanding professional resources to help

To self-publish or not- when it works, and when it doesn’t (and why!)

How to choose a cover design that will make your book will stand out- and where to find a top-notch graphic designer to create one

How to get great testimonials for your book

This is just the beginning of what you’ll learn in “Publishing for Maximum Profit.”  This book literally lives up to its name, because I teach you what I’ve learned from years of publishing information products and marketing them. In this book, I share the details of how to create your own book, and market it like the pros do.

I don’t leave anything to chance. I share it all with you in this information-filled book designed to help you get started-and start earning!

What, me? Start my own publishing company?

I believe that starting your own publishing company is the best option, for many reasons that I will share with you in my book. Many people are surprised, because they think doing this is expensive and takes a legal degree or specialized experience.

None of the above is true.

Starting you own publishing company is much easier than most people realize, and in my book you’ll learn how, step-by-step, with information such as:

-How to choose the right name for your company, and why this is vital

-The hidden costs of traditional publishing and how to avoid them

-Information on short run versus traditional run publishing, and the pros and cons of each

-The fastest method on earth to get published - and the cheapest! (I call it my “down and dirty” method)

-Setting up a legal entity, and choosing the right one for your publishing company

-Setting up an ISBN number, and getting a Library of Congress number

-The very best resources for professional graphics, layout, and cover design, all included in my “million dollar Rolodex”

-and much, much more!

I’ll teach you how to market successfully –and maximize the money you earn

I created “Publishing for Maximum Profit” for one reason, and one reason only: to help others like you get started with successfully publishing your own book, and with learning how to maximize the money that can be earned as a result.  

See, the secret is that publishing your book is only the start of the income that you can see. It’s an important start, and I teach you every tip and insight I have into doing this, and doing it well. But I go beyond ordinary “How to write a book” publications, because I teach you what they leave out: I’ll teach you pro marketing techniques that will get your book out there, get it known, and get it sold.

Remember, I make my living from selling information products. These are techniques that I use myself have used, and will continue to use because they bring in significant income. They are the reasons I have earned millions over the past several years. In “Publishing to Maximize Profits” you’ll learn why PR is worth its weight in gold-and how to get it.

**You’ll learn how to get inexpensive publicity on radio and in print

**You’ll find out why writing articles is one of the best marketing tools available

I’ll even teach you my “guerilla method” for getting your book into bookstores that is guaranteed to work! By using this technique, you can start generating orders for your books using this innovative method that creates customer demand for your publication.

I’ll show you how to create a web site that becomes a sales machine for you-even if you don’t know any HTML or programming.

One of the things I teach in “Publishing to Maximize Profits” is how to create an eCommerce Web site that will help you expand your book sales-and allow you to upsell and cross-sell related products.

I’ll show you everything you need to create a profitable “bookstore online” including:

The right design to maximize sales

Vital elements your site must have to capture leads

A software package that literally creates the backend for you

How to create an online merchant account and other details of creating a profitable “site that sells”

How to create a downloadable ebook-including pricing it right

Managing your customer database, and how to use it to maximize profits

Using autoresponders effectively to increase sales-and upsell over and over again.

You’ll learn useful, practical ideas on how to get your site up and running-and earning you money!

The Funnel: Where the
real money gets made

I’ve saved the most important for last. You’ll learn to use my unique “funnel system” to increase your profits far beyond book sales. I’ll show you how I use backend and bounce back sales to keep the profits coming long after the book is sold.

You’ll learn the how and why of developing joint partners and affiliates who will help promote your book, give you expert testimonials and interviews, and other insights into how to market not just your book, but an entire product line.

I’ll even teach you how to develop this product line from scratch! And you’ll learn how to promote your product line in a highly credible way, using the tips I share with you. I’ll teach you how to get double or even triple the money for the same effort, by creating informational products that sell (with complete instructions on how to do this), then taking your tape or video and using it as the basis for your next book!

There’s a huge market for information products, and I’ll show you how to get in on this hot trend, with advice on:

**How to create tapes that people will buy-and are inexpensive to produce

**The ins and outs of creating professional videos, with production tips

**The equipment, the script, and the resources: three things vital to successful product creation

**How to put on your own successful teleseminar to promote your book and other products

**Why coaching and consulting make sense-and how to enter these lucrative arenas

I didn’t leave anything out in my book. I even share with you my personal “Million-dollar Rolodex” of top-quality resources to help you get started, that you will rely on again and again (when you read it, you’ll understand why I call it this).

I provide you with sample forms and templates for creating your own publicity and promotion, and an entire section of the index devoted to what I consider the top web site creation program available today.

It’s all included in what I consider a true “master blueprint” for creating and publishing your own book, and marketing it successfully.

At this point, it’s up to you. If you’re ready to take a step towards becoming a published author…if you want to start earning income from your own book sales…if you want to learn marketing secrets that really work (and are key to making REAL MONEY from those sales), then you’ll want to take advantage of this offer.

 So Fred, how much does it cost?

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much it costs to buy my book, that gives you detailed instructions on writing, publishing and selling your own book, and on creating an entire product line based on it that will earn you income for years.

First, I want to let you know something. I’ve packaged my downloadable version of “Publishing for Maximum Profit” as part of an outstanding group of products that will get you going with the tools you need to create your own successful publishing and marketing network.

I call it my “Publishing and Marketing Tool Kit” that anyone, even complete beginners can use. And I’ve packed it full with bonuses that normally cost many, many times the price of the book itself (more about these exciting bonuses in a second!)

You’ll receive access to information, tips, and even consulting that I normally charge hundreds of dollars for during consultation, or provide at seminars for several hundred dollars per ticket.

This exciting book + marketing package is yours for the low price of only $37 when you order today.

They will only be available at this price for a limited time, since I plan to update my offerings and replace this with other books in the future.

Okay, here’s comes some good stuff-the bonuses you’ll receive are worth hundreds of dollars!!!

I’m including, for those who order now, three special bonuses worth hundreds of dollars! Free!

The first bonus will give you vital information on marketing and promotions that can help you start earning income right away. You will receive 25% off of the list price of any of the informational products listed below when you order “Publishing for Maximum Profit”:

  • www.directmarketingexpert.com: Double or triple your sales, using this proven method for marketing that starts where most others leave off! You can have a great book, a great product-but if you don’t know how to market it, you won’t sell. I’ll share insider tips and secrets that are guaranteed to work in this “tell all “ book.


  • www.consultingexpert.com: this information-packed manual contains a step-by-step blueprint for creating your own consulting business, with industry information, insider tips, and advice to get you started from the ground up.


  • www.seminarexpert.com: find out the methods that I have used for over 15 years to help others successfully promote their own seminars. You’ll have everything you need to get started, and promote your own seminars and start making income.


  • www.professionalspeakingsuccess.com: would you like to learn how to make $5,017 a day minimum as a professional speaker? It’s not just possible, it’s probable and in fact many earn much, much more. You can, too, using the methods that I share in this 6-tape audio cassette program that discusses the exact steps to take to get started in this highly lucrative profession-even if you’ve never spoken before! A $97 value.


  • www.selfpublishingsuccess.com here you’ll receive a full recording of my day-long seminar on how to successfully write, publish, and market. You’ll hear the same information that I share at seminars, information that can help you succeed, because you’ll have the right tools. A $97 value.

My Second Bonus Gives You Access to Expert Advice –Absolutely Free.

I wanted to give you extra value when you order “Publish for Maximum Profit”, so I added a bonus that gives you access to expert live advice on how to create, market, and SELL your own book. For a limited time those who order “Publishing for Maximum Profit” will receive 20 minutes of free consultation with me, Fred Gleeck. This is a bonus worth over $150, since my hourly rate is normally $500 per hour: but you’ll receive this bonus absolutely free when you order now.

I would like to encourage you to take advantage of this phenomenal offer when you buy your copy. I’ll answer questions you have about publishing and marketing your book, because I want you to succeed at this. I believe that taking this personal approach is much more successful than giving you the information and saying, ‘Good luck, now you’re on your own.” Instead, you’ll have access to my time personally when you’re getting started.

My third bonus is worth $500 and allows you access to seminars that will let you rub shoulders with industry pros- at a highly reduced rate.

When you order your copy of “Publishing for Maximum Profit” you will receive an automatic discount to seminars that will put you in touch with industry pros. You’ll be able to attend workshops put on by nationally-known marketers and experts with years of publishing and promotional experience (commonly called “gurus” in marketing circles).   With this bonus, you will receive 50% off of any one of the following seminars over the next 12 months:


Please visit the web sites above, and check out the prices that I charge for these seminars. You’ll see that this bonus, by itself, is worth $500! But because I want you to be fully equipped for successfully creating and marketing your book, you’ll gain entrance to them at a huge discount.

My personal guarantee makes it completely risk-free when you order “Publishing for Maximum Profit.”

A lot of people out there are marketing stuff that is basically worthless, and don’t stand behind their products. I don’t work that way. Your satisfaction is important to me, and people who know me well know one thing: I’m a stickler for OVERDELIVERING to my clients. Anything less, and I’m not satisfied.

When you order your copy of my book, I offer you a 100% iron-clad money back guarantee. If  Publishing for Maximum Profit doesn’t deliver you outstanding information that you can use right away, if for any reason, you aren’t absolutely, completely thrilled with the advice, counsel, and expert marketing advice that you receive from it, just contact me within 90 days and I’ll completely refund 100% of your purchase price.

This is how sure I am that this is valuable information that people need to get started with writing and publishing their own book and information products-and how strongly I stand behind it.

Doesn’t it make sense to order your copy today, and learn from one of the most highly respected experts in the field of information products and marketing in the nation? And to enjoy these free bonuses, together worth over $750, that will give provide you with the expert help and assistance you need to successfully create, publish, and market your own book?

The sooner you do, the sooner you can get started, and see your personal vision take shape. I look forward to hearing from you about your book, and how you achieved your financial goals using the methods that I teach you in this ground-breaking book.

Here’s to achieving your dreams, and not only publishing your book, but starting to see real sales and income result,

Fred Gleeck

P.S. Did I mention that I guarantee that you’ll be delighted with the information that you’ll receive with in this information-filled book? That it is the equivalent of a full “mini-course” in writing, publishing and marketing your own book, with unique tips and insider secrets that will make the difference between publishing and still working your day job, and publishing and seeing thousands of dollars as a result? It’s completely risk-free to order, because I’m offering you a 100% money-back lifetime guarantee: if you aren’t satisfied with the information and tips that you’ll learn, I’ll completely refund the purchase price. I can’t say more strongly than this how important I believe this information is, and how valuable it can be to those who want to learn how to publish a book-and start earning real income from it.

P.P.S. Remember, the free bonuses are time-limited, so you’ll want to order today to receive them. I know that it’s easy to wait, but each day that you do is one day further from your own dream, and realizing it. Why delay learning how to write and successfully publish your own book, with proven methods guaranteed to work?

P. P.P.S. You won’t find better information elsewhere on how to create, write and publish a book-and earn REAL income as a result. I use some very innovative methods that you won’t find elsewhere, but which I have used time and time again to generate a literal income stream. You’ll learn what they are when you order your own copy of “Publishing for Maximum Profit” and download it today! You’re only minutes away from discovering the formula that I’ve successfully used myself to generate millions of dollars in income-and using it yourself!


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